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Subwoofer, Dual 18"
The AC288 was designed as multi-purpose, dedicated low frequency/bass “workhorse” system for medium to large scale sound reinforcement duty. The AC288’s low profile lends itself well to dance clubs and live performance venues. This system also integrates easily with other McCauley AC(tm) and SA(tm) products, offering consistent coverage and a uniform appearance.

The AC288 is a dedicated LF / subwoofer system in a rectangular, horizontal, computer optimized enclosure. Loudspeaker complement consists of a twin 18” LF woofers separately loaded into individual, vented sub-enclusures. The entire enclosure is constructed of durable 12-ply void-free birch laminate, dadoed for strength and durability. Binding posts are located on a recessed steel jackpanel on the back side of the enclosure. Perforated steel is employed for frontal protection of the loudspeaker complement.
- Optional 3/8th Inch Eyebolt Suspension Points
Dual Terminal-Strip Connectors
Optional White Finish
McCauley Performance Class Componentry
Perforated Steel Grill
12-Ply Dadoed Construction
Durable ProCoat Elastomeric Finish

"This is what made me a McCauley Sound believer: we bought five mains, hooked them all up, and only needed three total. That’s what got me."
Main P.A.
Dance / DJ Club
General Staging
Live Music Club
Night Club (Multi-purpose)
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