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Subwoofer, Dual 18"
30Hz - 175Hz
Although this touring subwoofer system is the primary low frequency counterpart to McCauley’s MONARC™ MLA5 line array system, it’s high output, high denfintion output makes the CSM88 ideally suited for any large venue sound reinforcement. Unlike other subwoofer systems, the CSM88 module is specifically designed to couple acoustically with other CSM88s to achieve the ideal low frequency response in larger performance spaces. If deploying in less than (4) SM88s per group, the LF -3db point is raised significantly and the sensitivity is lowered. For this reason, CSM88s should always be deployed in tightly packed groups of (4) or more to achieve ideal low frequency coupling. Both very punchy and capable of reproducing extended low frequencies, the CSM88’s unique low frequency coupling technology and the system’s highly functional enclosure design makes this system ideal for large format sound reinforcement applications.

The CSM88 is a high impact, high output, groundstacking subwoofer designed for large format touring sound reinforcement. Loudspeaker complement consists twin air loaded 18” cone drivers, angularly mounted to maximize operational surface area of the system while maintaining the system’s low profile and small footprint. The CSM88 features a built in castor and dolly system, and top, side and rear locking skid plates, which allow modules to be stacked either horizontally or vertically. Connections are made via industry standard NL4s. The enclosure is constructed of highly durable 12-ply void-free laminate, dadoed for strength and durability treated with McCauley’s ProCoat(tm) elastomeric finish for long-term weather and road protection. Acoustically transparent foam mounted upon a perforated steel grill is employed for frontal protection of the loudspeaker complement.
Coupling LF Design
Integrated Castor System
Volumetrically Loaded LF Section
Locking Skid Plates
Dual Neutrik NL4 Connectors
Ergonomically-placed handles
McCauley Performance Class Componentry
Perforated Steel Grill
12-Ply Dadoed Construction
Durable ProCoat Elastomeric Finish
This product is comparable, meaning that it shares the same acoustic properties as the CSM88.

This product has been discontinued

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