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2-Way Full Range, 1.4" x Dual 12"
1200W  /  50Hz - 18kHz  /  120° x 60°
The ID4.212-26 is a compact, modular 2 or 3 way loudspeaker engineered for permanent installation in high output applications.

The ID4.212-26 is ideal for use as primary sound reinforcement in small to medium venues such as houses of worship, theaters & auditoriums, gymnasiums, night clubs and live venue music venues. Employed as part of an array, the ID4.212-26 will interoperate with other iDESIGN modules to build extended coverage patterns and cover larger audiences. With appropriate hardware, iD4 modules can also be incorporated with ID1, ID2, and ID3 loudspeakers to construct larger muti-tiered arrays. The ID4.212-26 also functions as fills, and as elements in delay rings and distributed systems for larger venues like larger houses of worship, stadiums and arenas.

The iDESIGN family offers the installer an easy to understand but vast selection of configuration options.

iDESIGN modules with rotatable waveguides are available in five coverage patterns, offering sound designers the freedom to combine different patterns to form arrays and produce idealized coverage zones. iDESIGN’s unusually steep trapezoidal geometry allows wider splay angles, in a tighter footprint in arrayed applications.

All iDESIGN modules offer built-in support for a wealth of rigging and mounting options, including u-brackets, array frames, 3/8” pick points for eyebolt suspension, and Omni-Mount compatible bolt patterns.

The ID4.212-26 features dual 12" cone drivers and a 3" diaphragm compression driver mounted to a 1.4” exit user-rotatable 60x40 constant directivity waveguide.

Bi and Tri-amp connections are made by terminal strip; every panel features a second set of connections for passing signal through to another module.

All iDESIGN modules are constructed of high-grade, void-free 5/8th 12-ply Finland birch sealed in our weatherproof ProCoat elastomeric coating. Curved, perforated steel grills protect the system while acoustically transparent foam protects and conceals components from view. All hardware is either stainless steel or is fully powder-coated to resist corrosion. Standard colors are black or white, while custom colors are accommodated by special order.

The ID4.212-26 offers Omni-Mount compatible taps on the top and bottom of the module as wells as both sides. 14 reinforced 3/8"-16 pick points are distributed across five faces to accommodate cable hangs of nearly any design. A wide range of array frames, developed specifically for iDESIGN, are available to facilitate arraying and suspending multiple modules as a single cluster, while both vertical and horizontal U-bracket hardware is tailored to each module for single-unit wall and ceiling mount installations.
Build Custom Coverage
Resonance-Neutral Dampening
14 3/8th Inch Eyebolt Suspension Points
Rotatable Waveguide
Horizontal U-Bracket Hardware Available
Omni Mount Ready
Discrete Channels of Power & Processing
Modular Building Blocks
Versatile Enclosure Geometry
Precision Array Frames
Vertical U-Brackets w/ Articulation
Curved Aesthetic
High-Rigidity Cone Structures
Arrayable Pattern
Optimized for Intelligibility
Dual Terminal-Strip Connectors
Optional White Finish
McCauley Performance Class Componentry
Perforated Steel Grill
12-Ply Dadoed Construction
Durable ProCoat Elastomeric Finish

"iDESIGN is choice. This product family offers installers more choice about configuration than any product to precede it. Every module is available with or without integrated power and processing; while every waveguide is rotatable..."
Delay towers
General Staging
Distributed/Zoned Outdoor
Main P.A.
iDESIGN Brochure 2007
ID4.212-26 Dimensional Drawing
ID4.212-26 Dimensional Drawing
ID4.212-26 A&E Specs
ID4.212-26 Cutsheet
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