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Dual 18"
4050W / 32Hz - 150Hz
45.5in. x 22.75in. x 30.33in., 200lbs.
2-Way Full Range
Dual 1" x Dual 8", Line Array
80Hz - 18kHz / 100°
27.17in. x 10.96in. x 24.6in., 85lbs.
3-Way Full Range
Dual 1.4" x Dual 10" x Dual 15", Line Array
45Hz - 18kHz / 90°
58in. x 14in. x 28in., 199lbs.
Dual 18", Line Array
58in. x 20.94in. x 36in., 215lbs.
3-Way Full Range
Dual 1" x Dual 8" x Dual 12", Line Array
50Hz - 18kHz / 90°
46.87in. x 10.96in. x 24.6in., 144lbs.
Quad 15" Flying Subwoofer System
52Hz - 225Hz
46.87in. x 22.5in. x 30.5in., 215lbs.
Quad 21"
20Hz - 85Hz
73.4in. x 23.1in. x 44in., 498lbs.
Dual 18"
35Hz - 150Hz
45.5in. x 22.75in. x 30.33in., 185lbs.
but why stop there? McCauley Sound has developed a touring class solution for every level of the touring industry.

From our flagship MONARC MLA6 line array system, designed to handle the top-level of touring sound reinforcement applications, down to our highly mobile, highly portable and highly affordable M.LINE ultra-compact line array series, McCauley Sound has the ideal solution no matter how many seats are sold, no matter what level of concert or event.

Why struggle, wrestle, lift, grapple, strain, lump, pinch, smash? McCauley Sound's MONARC Integrated Rigging System is the industry's first and only truly effortless rigging system... and it is included as standard equipment with EVERY line array module in the Touring Class.

Truly a wonder, this system requires no manual lifting, no tools, no extra parts to lose, no extra cases, and is completely self-contained to the module. So EFFICIENT, so EASY, the MONARC Integrated Rigging system allows a 16-cell array to be rolled in, assembled and flown in under five minutes... by a single person.

Additionall, MONARC and M.LINE ultra-lightweight fly bumpers double as the base for groundstacking applications... allowing for groundstacks to be built and stage easily, from the same equipment. Also, by attaching a castor accessory, these hanging / stacking frames can be quickly converted into wheel-carts, giving operators the ability to roll in reconfigured groups of cells.

Every MONARC and M.LINE cell is sealed in the McCauley exclusive PROCOAT elastomeric treatment. This finishing process makes cells practically invulnerable to moisture and temperature, while protecting them from common road damage, scrapes and scuffs. Additionally, all exposed hardware is made from high quality stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, powder-coated for extra protection from the bumps and bruises of the road.

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