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Stage Monitor
2-Way Full Range, 1" x 8"
500W  /  80Hz - 20kHz  /  50° x 80°
The SM8 is a powerful two-way, full-range passive loudspeaker, designed specifically for near field monitor applications. This high output monitor features a McCauley 77045 8” cone driver, a 1.0” exit compression driver, mounted to a rotatable 80° x 50° waveguide, and integrated 24dB/Oct crossover.
The SM8 has been designed from the ground up as a Passive product, requiring only a single channel of amplification. A manufacturer supplied 1.25ms FIR filter improves the off-axis response by linearizing the phase shift introduced by the network.

The enclosure tuning and damping material have been specifically engineering for the best performance as a half-space, vocal or instrumental monitor. The system is highly over-damped, giving a smooth roll off in bass response below 85Hz. The cabinet geometry and damping material placement has been optimized to suppress low-mid resonances which can become troublesome on a crowded stage. An optimized HF waveguide pattern provides excellent nearfield coverage with minimum off-axis spurs.

The SM8 enclosure is constructed of multi-ply void free birch plywood and is coated with a weather and wear resistant Pro Coat™ polyurea hybrid finish.

The SM8 enclosure features an integrated handle for easy transportation and rubber feet to keep the monitor in place on smooth surfaces. Although it is light weight, the SM8 is designed to withstand the most rugged stage conditions.

Loudspeaker components are protected by a flush mounted, perforated steel grill lined with acoustically transparent foam. An aluminum cross member supports the center of the grill and protects it from crush-in. The grill and rigging components are weather protected with a heat cured epoxy powder coat finish.

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