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3-Way Full Range, Dual 1" x Dual 8" x Dual 12", Line Ar...
40Hz - 18kHz  /  90° x 10°
The MLA3-2i is a 3-way, axisymmetric large format line array
system designed specifially for permanent installatin. The
system is engineered to deliver high defiitin, high SPL sound
reinforcement for a broad range of applicatins, including concert
halls, stadiums, and large clubs.

Each MLA3-2i line array cabinet features two manifold loaded 12”
McCauley 8231 Low-Mid drivers, two 77087 8” Midrange Drivers
and two 1.0” exit compression drivers on a 90° x 10° slot-loaded
wave guide.

The McCauley 8231 Low-Mid driver is built around a new fild
serviceable motor with integrated aluminum heat sink. The new
motor design has a thinner, 0.3” top plate and longer 0.9” by
4.0” diameter aluminum coil which improves the linearity of the
Bl vs. displacement profie. The 8231 Low-Mid driver features a
hybrid composite-paper cone which balances light weight and high
stifess, to improve overall sensitiity, with the internal damping
that is inherent to paper cone loudspeakers.

The coupling of the cone drivers and high frequency waveguide
has been specially engineered to produce a rich and fully balanced
sound from 50 Hz to 18 kHz. The 8231 12” low-mid drivers are
manifold loaded to improve the sensitiity over their operatig
band and increase array density. The 77087 8” midrange drivers
are phase plug loaded to match the pattrn of the HF around the
crossover frequency and reduce cabinet to cabinet interferences.
The HF slot loaded waveguide is optiized to reduce resonances
which would require DSP equalizatin. The sensitiity of each
component has been specifially engineered for the MLA3-2i to
allow for the extra HF headroom which is oftn required in longer
throw applicatins.

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