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Paul Doty "For a company like ours, the MONARC MLA3 just makes perfect sense. It's very scalable, we can easily groundstack the rig for smaller events or combine all of our inventory and do 10,000 seats or more. It's a breeze to ri..."
Mark Hartzell "The horizontal coverage was quite good compared to their competitors, and the MLA3 particularly outshined them all. I think the best quality of the MLA3 is it's horizontal coverage, but I also liked the appearance, comp..."
Jason Farris "This means that we can offer a level of personalized attention to each customer beyond that which they may be accustomed to. At the same time, we are offering world class technology solutions, which can outperform and ou..."
Michael S Yoo "The SDG is fantastic, It was so easy to upload our designs and plans. They were so helpful and their team was involved through the whole process, were there to help answer our questions and guide us every step of the way..."
Jon Anson "all the comments have been great and they keep hiring us"
Mark Anderson "The McCauley center hang improved balcony coverage dramatically. Our house manager is much happier because the coverage is now more even and uniform. The high frequency articulation is present from top to bottom, side to..."
Oneal West "I’ve saved a tremendous amount of time because the rigging is the best in the field today"
Rogan Girard "Safety is so important to us and the McCauley MLA3's self-contained rigging system make our jobs so much safer and easier."
Brian Winthrop "The McCauley speakers are incredible in convention centers"
Evgueni Sam Ocean "...It is a testament to Tom’s (McCauley) brilliant concept, that within only months after the MLA3’s introduction, McCauley Sound was selected from such a wide and robust field of competitors to provide the primary sound..."
Jack Liaw "The performance of McCauley is so much better beyond what I had adopted over the past years... I am so sure that I made the very right choice... MONARC is really a unbelievable system."
Mark Naficy " "As our industry grows increasingly competitive, it became evident to us as an organization, that there was a real need to update our inventory to include a line array type system. The MONARC™ MLA5 was the ideal techn..."
Ian Smith "Rather than build on a purely mathematical and theoretical model of our line array’s acoustic behavior, we went the extra step of actually measuring and including real response data. A purely mathematical model would hav..."
Evgueni Sam Ocean "iDESIGN represents a huge leap forward for the installed loudspeaker market; for the first time sound designers and installers will have a true palette of choice with regards to coverage, convergence and aesthetics."
Steve Gorski "The sound quality speaks for itself during presentations... you can see that people are really excited to use the product."
Carlos Costa "I originally heard the set up at a demo in the United States. Immediately I fell in love with it, and when I got home to Canada, I knew it was the right purchase decision for my intent on saturating a different end of t..."
David May "The installation of the speakers went in so well. We could not have done this job within budget if McCauley had not been able to customize the loudspeakers for application. We were able to get them all up easily and ef..."
Ian Ingram "They’re [SA422-2] doing their job in a really big way!"
Terry Stewart "You have no idea how easy it has been for us. It has been a dream. I ask for something and it literally shows up on my door step. Daniel is truly great to work with. Jason Farris has gone out of his way to be polite ..."
Chris Panackia "I looked at all the PA systems on the market – JBL, EAW, L'Acoustic, etc. McCauley Sound had a really neat package, but, above all, the company impressed me with its 'Mom 'n' Pop' attitude to my project; they were never..."

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