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Brollan Soderstrom "We have found the SA92-1 to be a very good and powerful sounding speaker as well as it’s little brother the SA90-1. The compact format, controlled dispersion and a switch able built in crossover is making those boxes ve..."
Thomas Bragg "I loved the way the midrange sound, really nice in the upper mids. We walked around the room and the MONARC MLA5 really sounded great, the stereo imaging was amazing. Really great coverage, and the system had plenty of p..."
Andrew Waterman "I was sitting about 30 feet back from the right house stack, and I thought the PA sounded really smooth, really nice for being so close. Really a great sounding box."
Martin Van Dijk "I spent a lot of time before the show pretty much walking around, listening to the system. To sum it up, I thought the midrange was very good, the intermodulations and distortions was surprisingly low, probably the lowes..."
Johnny Garcia "I think the system rocked. It's incredible, it really is. For me, and I've mixed on them all, the top end is so smooth, it is like glass... it is very transient. So clean and crisp. Incredibly easy to mix on, a lot of PA..."
Paul Middleton "...everything about the system felt real good.. the full spectrum was there for me. I was able to walk in, and get what I wanted out of the system immediately."
Jason Farris "Many rental companies, especially the ones who do a lot of corporate work, have also been hounding us for a smaller, compact line array... something very portable, more suitable to smaller gigs. The M.LINE™ delivers what..."
John Cooper "We had over a hundred thousand people in this park and we could not believe how good the system sounded with only 8 boxes per side. The long-range coverage of the MONARC MLA5 was simply phenomenal."
Bob Spittle "A beautiful sounding rig, it sounded very smooth and even from front to back and side to side... I was really impressed with the coverage. Very even SPL throughout the venue... we had what felt like 115dB at the console ..."
Tim Cain " a matter of maybe 5 minutes and we had the system connected, array splays set... I was in awe at how easy it went together."
Jamie Rephann "..the high end was very smooth and the stereo imaging was right there, right in your face. I was impressed."
Don Muzquiz "The response and clarity of this system is impressive. The coverage is extremely smooth and consistent in every seat in the house. I would love to get this MONARC array out on the next leg of our tour. "
Scott Hall "I loved it... it is just the the easiest PA to rig and setup. We had absolutely no problems... soundwise, it was brilliant. I have heard them all, and with the MONARC I had never had any of the usual phase or distortion ..."
Keith Gabriel "I've flown a lot of systems here at the Warfield... and the (MONARC) is clearly one of the most hassle-free systems to hang...very simple, I would say it definelty made the whole flying process a lot easier."
Umberto Cruz "I've worked with them all... every system, you could name it, and the MONARC MLA5 really impressed me. There was a big difference with this system... real clean, not at all noisy, very high definition, and so quick to ge..."
Abdo Sabag "There were literally no holes in the coverage. After walking the entire arena with a dB meter for an hour, I could not find a seat in the house that was less than -3dB off FOH. I was shocked at how punchy, articulate and..."
Tony Blanc "...what I noticed right away was the clarity of the high frequencies. I was quite pleased with the overall sound of the MONARC system."
Abraham Viera "Everybody involved with the show was impressed with the sound. It was amazing... we got all 40 boxes up in the air in less than an hour. It was one of the highest grossing shows in the garden and we were proud to provide..."
Mike Corey ""...we installed to be as close to the ceiling and as out of sight as possible. When splayed to a tight curve, like the one we knew we were going to have to fly to get the whole room covered from that height, McCauley's ..."
Paul Bell "The installation challenge was placing speakers where they were both aesthetically pleasing and would perform to the specifications. We chose (these) McCauley loudspeakers because they use high performance components an..."

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