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Alex Rojas "McCauley’s line array system is tough, reliable, and robust, and the construction is solid, which is essential since the client is relying on this equipment to last a long time, And so far the gear has been perfect. Noth..."
Kevin Rodio "We are a mid-size company and don’t have the budget and resources of a bigger company, not yet anyway . . . we are trying, and with McCauley having been behind us 100%, our success has come easy. The audio world is very ..."
Kevin Rodio "I love the M.LINE, our company swears by it. We’re going to keep building our inventory based on that"
Ron Branchini "Line array systems provide the most consistent sound and McCauley does it better than anyone"
Jeff Blackburn "We thought we’d have to spend several thousand dollars more, but Michael showed us that we could do everything we wanted – and more -- with the McCauley Sound product. It turned out to be an effective, compact, and affor..."
Paul Bell "McCauley Sound is like extended family, the factory can help me if I have an emergency. They take good care of me."
Dana Monroe "That day, they really showed what they’re made of, loud and clear—exactly how the promoters wanted their sound"
Edward Otto "Because of the way the concentric circle monitors are designed, they are incredibly durable, that’s why you can walk into a club like the Croc or The Great American Music Hall and see that these monitors have endured a d..."
Michael Sweet " We have been very pleased with the clarity of the McCauley Line arrays, they’re very transparent in their reproduction of the worship team, especially vocals"
Alex Moran "There is absolutely no comparison as far a sound quality goes"
Tim Baldini "We have had actual events executives come down and tell us how exceptional the sound was compared to other events with other companies"
Nate Schneider "The McCauley team stands behind their work because they build their product from start to finish. The product has always met and exceeded the expectations for quality we have come to expect from McCauley."
Daniel Casado "I feel very fortunate. I have exactly the job I want. This is what I do, this is what I’m good at. Not everyone get to say that. "
Alex Moran "With every show, I continue to be impressed with the overall MLA3 package, the efficiency is incredible from the reduced number of amplifiers it takes to power the system, to how light and easy it is to set up and take d..."
Jason Farris "iDESIGN is choice. This product family offers installers more choice about configuration than any product to precede it. Every module is available with or without integrated power and processing; while every waveguide is..."
Brian Gilpin "The equipment is plenty loud and articulate, yet it’s small, compact, and out of the way"
Troy Reit "There is no other system in the area that can touch the quality of the McCauley rig and in the space of only a few shows, people have already noticed the difference."
Yiannis Papoutsakis "Much like our successful production effort with McCauley Sound’s MONARC MLA3’s at the Olympic ceremonies in 2004, all eyes were again on us and our production team. The musical presentations could not have been more dive..."
Alexy Bovin "We had half the leaders of the world here to celebrate with us and some of the most respected artists of the continent here... not to mention nearly a million audience members... so you could say there was some pressure ..."
Zahid Elian "McCauley Sound has opened up a world of possibility for us with their M.LINE series. The performance of this system and the excellent quality of hardware easily outruns it's asking price... our ability to offer this prod..."

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