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Triangle Sound and Image
Triangle - Trends Center
Beit-Mery main road
Sin-El-Fil, Lebanon 55122
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General Info
Zahid Elian
Chadi Masri
Market Locations
Lebanon, Jordan, Syria
Company History
Born in 1991, TRIANGLE SOUND & IMAGE has set a mission to educate the market about High-End Audio-Visual, custom installation and professional means and offer the best products in the field to respond to the optimum satisfaction requirements

TRIANGLE SOUND & IMAGE has succeeded in establishing this mission upon since appearance in the Middle East, however we believe education is a continuous process through life.

TRIANGLE SOUND & IMAGE never stops presenting the latest in the market.

TRIANGLE SOUND & IMAGE was the first in the Middle-East:
- To open a dedicated + 650m2 showroom space
- To introduce the idea of custom installation
- To introduce Car Audio Custom Installation
- To introduce High-end car Alarm systems and starters
- To build an Active Car Audio Display
- To introduce Surround Sound Products

TRIANGLE SOUND & IMAGE is the first and only company in the Middle East to be member of all the following associations:
- CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association)
- NSCA (National Systems Contractors Association)
- AAHEA (The Academy for the Advancement of High-End Audio)
- AES (Audio Engineering Society)
- ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security)
- NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants)
Product Lines
McCauley Sound, Audix, BBM/Trantec, Behringer, Carver Pro, Citronic, DPA Microphones, ETA, Gator Cases, Hacousto, Hafler Pro, Lab Gruppen, MC2, Ohm, Paso, Rane, Soundtube, Stanton, Symetrix, Tasker, WHD, Whirlwind

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