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3-Way Full Range
400W / 80Hz - 20kHz / 90° x 90°
8.25in. x 22in. x 9in., 25lbs.
3-Way Full Range
1" x Dual 8"
600W / 55Hz - 18kHz / 60° x 40°
10.97in. x 27.5in. x 11.5in., 45lbs.

Anytime you take a look at a new loudspeaker product, you are accessing a collection of different acoustic and structural technologies, all engineered to work as a single system, a sum greater than its parts. Enclosure elements, control electronics, LF transducers, HF drivers, dispersion horns, suspension systems, etc., all need to work in harmony to create a single, finished, integrated loudspeaker system.

So how does McCauley Sound's approach differ from the rest?

Total Control.

Rather than out-sourcing system components, which would leave us at the mercy of literally dozens of different technology vendors, all of the major elements of a McCauley Sound loudspeaker system are designed and manufactured under one roof... Ours.

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