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4-In, 8-Out Loudspeaker Controller
The McCauley Sound M SERIES line of loudspeaker controllers have been engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding live sound and installation environments. With a sleek, space saving design, intuitive front panel, and precise software control, the M SERIES is well equipped to provide the quality and performance you have come to expect from McCauley Sound.

A high speed Analog Devices DSP gives the M SERIES power to handle the most complex loudspeaker configurations. Unlike many other loudspeaker controllers, every input and output can be independently routed and mixed through a series of processing stages. Each of the M SERIES outputs has its own low and high pass crossover, FIR filter, 8 band parametric equalizer, variable delay, gain, and clip limiter stage. In addition, each input has it own low and high pass IIR crossover, 31 band graphic equalizer, 8 band parametric equalizer, variable delay, gain, and compression stage. Even with every processing stage enabled on all channels, the M SERIES maintains its constant low propagation delay of 1.5ms. Every parameter can be changed with a few button clicks via the intuitive and user friendly front panel interface. The multiline LCD and jog wheel allows for quick setup, recall, and adjustment of up to 30 presets from the front panel. For advanced configurations a Windows™ based tablet friendly interface can control up to 16 networked M SERIES.
- XLR Analog Inputs and Outputs (M808 is EUROCON)
- 1 Hz Frequency Resolution
- 1 Sample Delay Capability Up to 650ms on each I/O
- 24-bit Low Noise ADC & DAC
- 31 Band Graphic Equalizer on Each Input
- 400 MHz Analog Devices SHARC™ 21369 DSP
- 64-bit Internal Program and Data Memory Bus
- 8 Parametric Equalizers on each I/O
- 96 kHz Sampling Rate
- Configurable Routing & Mixing Capability
- Dual Address Generators for Zero-Overhead DMA
- Each System Function Individually Lockable
- Extended 40-bit Arithmetic
- Serial, USB, and Ethernet for PC Control
- Storage for Up to 30 System Presets
- Up to 1200 Tap FIR Filters for Each Output
- Up to 48 dB/Octave IIR Crossover for Each I/O

"This is what made me a McCauley Sound believer: we bought five mains, hooked them all up, and only needed three total. That’s what got me."
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