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On 13 August, one of the biggest celebrations the world has known began at the Athens Olympic Stadium. Exactly at 20:45, the Opening Ceremony signaled the start of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games. 72,000 people inside the Olympic Stadium and four billion more across the globe watched the moment the Games returned to the country where they were born and to the city where they were revived.

What most watching would never realize is that America’s McCauley Sound, Inc. had already scored a victory in Athens… before the games even began. McCauley Sound’s MONARC MLA3 mid-scale line array system was chosen to provide primary sound reinforcement for the 72,000 spectators and attendees at Athens Olympic Sports Complex Olympic Stadium. Circling the entire stadium, sixteen clusters of seven MLA3 cells each are suspended from the stadium’s incredible roof structure, for a total of 112 MONARC MLA3 modules in place. Additional MONARC MS6 flown subwoofer modules were hung strategically in groups of four around the massive stadium to provide additional low frequency reinforcement for the MLA3’s, together delivering a concert-quality musical experience to all spectators seated in the massive complex.

“This is a huge win for McCauley Sound. We competed with every line array manufacturer in the world for the opportunity to design (a system) for an event of this magnitude.” says Evgueni Samochine, Executive Vice President, “It is a testament to Tom’s (McCauley) brilliant concept, that within only months after the MLA3’s introduction, McCauley Sound was selected from such a wide and robust field of competitors to provide the primary sound reinforcement technology for a global event of this scale.”

Jack Morton Worldwide produced the opening and closing ceremonies, working in collaboration with Artistic Director, Dimitris Papaioannou. This is the first time a non-indigenous company has produced the ceremonies for a host city. Jack Morton's UK office led the ceremony production with a team of over 850 in Athens including international expertise drawn from its London, Los Angeles, Sydney and Hong Kong offices. Jack Morton was also responsible for bringing together an army of over 8,500 volunteer performers and supporters.

Program material for the opening ceremonies included live performances from DJ Tiesto and Icelandic singer Bjork, and consisted of a substantial announcement and playback as the games continued. Carefully designed to deliver précised and accurate sound reinforcement for the games many ceremonies, entertainment events and competitions, this massive MONARC MLA3 rig was chosen for intelligibility over distance and overall musicality.

Speaking of the rigorous evaluation and selection process, Ryan Finley, a McCauley engineering specialist, commented, “Many of our customers and sound-reinforcement partners favor MONARC line array solution because they love the rigging system, because it is so easy to use.” Ryan continues, “But, this event is really more like a fixed installation, in that there is no teardown or set up from one day to the next. For Olympics Stadium, the MONARC MLA3 was chosen not for it’s ease of use, but because it did the best job at bringing highly coherent and intelligible coverage to every person in the audience. Their first concern was that the sound-system’s performance, at every seat in the stadium, felt world-class.”

A total of 212 Lab.Gruppen fP6400 amplifiers were used to deliver power, mostly to over 130 McCauley MONARC line array speakers that were suspended from the roofs all around the stadium, as wells a for EAW KF860’s positioned in a ring along the running track covering some of the lower level seating areas. Signals to the amplifiers were distributed by an Optocore fiber-optics based system. Microphones, including wireless, were Audio Technica, like all other sources fed into a Yamaha PM1D (FoH) and PM5D (monitors), with each console being backed up by a second identical unit. Two TC Electronic System 6000 frames were key players for effects.

Several weeks and hundreds of events later, the Games came to a close on August 29th. In the Closing Ceremony of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games participated 3,691 volunteers performers from 15 countries and 2,200 support volunteers from 32 countries. Then, the flag-bearers entered with all the countries’ flags, followed by the athletes, who rushed in the Stadium without distinction of nationality, to celebrate unified the end of the greatest celebration of humanity and to set the foundation for a new round of competitions at the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games.

McCauley Sound is proud to have been chosen as a technology partner by Jack Morton Worldwide for these Summer Olympic Games. The MONARC™ MLA3, and MS6 line array systems, including complete turnkey solutions, are immediately available for demonstration and purchase. For more information about, demonstration of, or financing for, a MONARC™ line array system, contact McCauley Sound, Inc at 253.848.0363

Located in the great Pacific Northwest, McCauley Sound, Inc. is an innovator and leader in the design and manufacture of both high-performance professional loudspeaker systems and raw-frame loudspeaker components.


NOTE TO EDITOR: Because of the nature of non-disclosure agreements between the Olympic organizers and McCauley Sound, Inc., this news release can not be published in any form until after the games conclude. MONARC™ is a trademark of McCauley Sound, Inc., and must always be presented in ALL CAPS when printed.

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